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Transmission Line


For years, Xian Electric has successfully supplied transmission and distribution equipment to Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Nepal, Bengal, Thailand, Malaysia, the Philippines, Indonesia, Pakistan, India, America, Colombia, Brazil, Russia, Germany, Turkey, South Africa, etc. Xian Electric has also clinched more than a hundred turnkey substation projects, and we have obtained fantastic results in projects in which funds are loaned by the World Bank, Asian Development Bank and other international financial organizations. At the same time, we have also participated actively in China’s electric power construction projects. In recent years, we have also furnished 500kV AC/DC substation equipments for the China Three Gorges project and the China “West to East Electricity Transmission” project.

Xian Electric has been a turnkey project contractor for DC/AC substations up to 550kV, and is capable of providing electrical solutions for our customers. Besides ensuring our equipment of high quality and reliability, we establish and optimize both the quality control and internal management system in place, and also seek to achieve complete customer satisfaction in all areas including safety, health, environment, project risk control, etc.

Turn-Key Project for 2 275kV GIS Indoor Substations in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

View of Pudu Ulu S/S in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

OSFPSZ-240 MVA/275kV Power Transformer operating in Jalan Galloway S/S, Malaysia

275kV GIS operating in Pudu Ulu S/S and Jalan Galloway S/S, Malaysia

Electrical Solution Project for nine 145kV GIS Substations for CLP, Hong Kong.

145kV GIS at Cha Kwo Ling S/S, Hong Kong

View of CLP New Hoi Shing substation, Hong Kong

SFZ10-50MVA/132kV power transformer with high impedance for CLP, Hong Kong

Project Kick-off Workshop

Project for GIS indoor Substation in Thailand、Colombia、Singapore

The Project for 72.5kV GIS for Suansom S/S in Thailand

The Project for 145kV GIS for San Rahael Reservoir in Colombia

The Project for 72.5kV GIS S/S for Singapore Power Bureau in Singapore

Turn-Key Projects In Nepal

View of 132kV Lahan S/S

132kV Power Transformer at Lahan S/S

View of Anarmani 132kV S/S

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