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    Typical Projects
Typical Projects

    Typical Projects

For years, Xian Electric has successfully supplied transmission and distribution equipment to Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Nepal, Bengal, Thailand, Malaysia, the Philippines, Indonesia, Pakistan, India, America, Colombia, Brazil, Russia, Germany, Turkey, South Africa, etc. Xian Electric has also clinched more than a hundred turnkey substation projects and over one thousand km transmission line projects, and we have obtained fantastic results in projects in which funds are loaned by the World Bank, Asian Development Bank and other international financial organizations.

◆ Oversea Project

69kV GIS Substation Project in Singapore in 2000.

Turn-Key Project for Tayabas——Naga 500kV EHV Transmission Line, 205km in Philippines in March 1998.

Turn-Key Project Ormoc—Tabango 230kV HVAC Overhead Transmission Line, 60km In Philippines in January 1997.

Turn-Key Project for Two 275kV GIS Pudu Ulu and Jalan Galloway S/S in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in Septmber 1996 and January 1997.

145kV GIS for San Rafael Reservoir, Colombia; 1994.

136/48/60 MVA 69/12-24KV Power Transformer supply to MEA Thailand in May 1993

Shenzhen Yantian Port Construction Project Phase 1 & 2 – Harbour Power Supply System Equipment.

Electrification of Zhengwu and Daqin Section Railway Lines Project in China.

550kV GIS for Tianshengqiao Power Station and Three Gorges Project in China.

All 7 DC power transmission projects in China including Gezhouba-Shanghai DC transmission line and construction.

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